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In a few words …
Individual and group therapy, rapid and transforming, powerful, 100% confidential, that’s my specialty!

Awaken the champion who sleeps within you!

THE ultimate mental preparation help for leaders!

Céline Estelle Baron
Born in May 1975
48 rue de Cronstadt
03200 Vichy
Phone number: 061-303-5019 / 065-677-0211

24 years of experience in relational communication and cognitive therapies. Over 200 high-up references and totally confidential.

– International speaker (England, USA, Malta…), expert on the conscience and on
Sophrology applied to leadership

Author in humanities and personal
(personal and collective works)
Sophrologist and Psychopractitioner
(in offices, businesses, scholarly establishments)
– Professor in Management of Emotions and Humanities
(high schools and universities)
Consultant in relational communication since 1999

I present for many organizations and businesses on motivation, well-being, sophrology,
individual or group coaching, and managing emotions. My mission? To boost the energy of your
associates! To increase humane and responsable activity!

Professional Experience
Since 2016: Expert Therapist and Sophrologist (Vichy, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon,
and Marseille)
I established my office in Vichy in May 2018. I made this space into a place for conversations
about well-being (positive breakfasts, groups for talking about grief, practicing the Nadeau
technique, etc.). My specialties in Sophrology: leadership, self-confidence, sleep, and support
through all of the griefs of life. Speaker on stress management (in businesses and in scholarly
establishments). I travel all across France to offer my clients impactful and quickly effective
sessions. Give me two days to relieve you of things that are holding you back and revolutionize
your life!
From 2006 to 2016: Therapist and journalist on the topics of health, biotechnology, and
the environment for different magazines and newspapers (Entreprendre, Les Cahiers de
l’Environment, Points de Vente magazine, La Vie, France Soir, Christianisme Aujourd’hui, Spiritu’Elles, Just4U…)
● From 2003 to 2006: Therapist and part-time speaker in workshops in sophrology,
relaxation, music, and other activities at Vaugirard Hospital in Paris
● From 2002 to 2003: Therapist and psychologist’s assistant for Point Ecoute Jeunesse
● From 1999 to now: Therapist and consultant in relational communication, Paris

General Education
● MBA Leadership, Financial and Performance Management tools. Option « Success
Tools. » Ilford OfCourse Institute. In English. 2018
● Sophrology and Relaxology Certification. With honors. CNDFI. 2015
● License in Theology and Science of Religions, University of Strasbourg, 2007
● « Management » training program, MK Conseil, Puteaux. 1999
● Infocom training program, CNAM Paris. 1997
● BTS in communication, CNED. 1996
● DEUG in art history and archeology, La Sorbonne.1994
● Baccalauréat in Letters – Languages – Philosophy, Lycée Françoise Cabrini.
Noisy-le-Grand. 1993

Continued Education
● Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders among Neurodevelopmental Disorders. AMA
Campus. 2021
● Snoezelen Method for Children. AMA Campus. 2021
● Teaching Certification in meditation. MF Formation, 2021
● Grief and Loss Level 3 (Grief and Bereavement Counseling) Certificate London Oplex
Careers (CDP accredited) 2017
● Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome Level 3 (PTSD Counseling 3) London Oplex Careers
(CDP certified) 2017
● Stress, Post-Traumatic Stress, Complex Grief, Resilience (FormaPsy / Institut du
Trauma de Montréal) Level 1 and 2. 2016
● Therapeutic Alliance (IFFORTHEC). 2016
● Child Psychology and Psychomotricity (6-month degree course) Caravanserail
Développement, Paris (practical training at l’hôpital Saint Louis, Paris, validated by the
AFPA) 2003

-Voyage en Self-Love. Adopter l’Amour de Soi pour s’accomplir au quotidien. Conseils et
vécus de guérison intérieure. (Journey in Self-Love. Take up the Practice of Self-Love for
Daily Fulfillment. Advice and Experiences of Inner Healing). 430 pages, Numéli.
-Là où, là-haut, tu m’aimes. Sur la Survivance du Lien d’Amour avec nos défunts.
(Where, Up There, You Love Me. On the Survival of the Love-Bond with Those We Have
Lost). 130 pages. Amazon

Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, professional use of WordPress


Singing, musical composition, painting, Yin Yoga, mindfulness and Hindu meditation, tantra